Art in your hands

Functional is another word to describe Lesli's pottery. First and foremost her pottery is for the kitchen and table. Her fun style combined with the natural variances of the colouring make for unique and eye catching pieces.

Texture in the pieces keep the eyes moving. Blending areas that are glazed and with natural clay showing builds the layers of texture. This creates interest and subtle nuances that you just don't get with mass produced dishes.

The first bite is with the eyes. If this is true then plating your wonderfully prepared meal with one of Lesli's creations will really set the stage. Imagine serving a friendly charcuterie "picnic" on one of her eye-catching trays. Or sitting in a comfortable chair with a warm cup in your hands. Using pottery increases the love and warmth you feel as you enjoy it. This is how people feel when they display and use the pottery you have given them as a gift.